19 April 2009

What's in a Name?

Well, apparently a lot. We aren't going to find out the birth gender, so we have two lists. Have you ever really spent time thinking about names? I mean, it's no surprise to most that I really do not like my birth name and feel more "in tune" with my nicname. I even have online names, such as Teach, that have stuck around for a while. But really, the power behind a name is amazing.

Many names conjure up strong emotions and/or thoughts of memories, both good and bad. Do I want those emotions or those thoughts tied forever into my thoughts of this child? Most likely: no. Also, the actual meaning behind the names. I mean, doesn't it cause you to think when it says things like "means 'bitter' in Hebrew." Ok...again, do you want to start a kid out with something like that. Maybe a name that "means 'rich life' in English/Welsh/German", or "means 'positive outlook' in Scottish/Spanish," etc. What about something that means "the goddess smile upon you" or "Mother Earth wraps you in Her love"? I suppose making up a name is possible, but doesn't sound like fun.

Then, there is the crazy part of me that thinks "I want a name where I can buy those ugly ass trinkets with the name already on it!" They never have pencils or key chains with Hadrian or Sacheverell on them. (Really...those aren't names in the running, I'm just making a point...no fears!) Although, again, since I hated my birth name, I also hated getting things with it printed on them. So, maybe that shouldn't even be a thought in the process.

I want a strong name. Something that give the kid a boost when it's used. Something that will fill the child with confidence and give it a voice in this world. Something that will help it show strength, but not through power or intimidation. A name that shows impartiality and understanding. A name that softens rough edges. A name that is a reflection of the spirit within this child. I reflect on some of the books I have read lately (yeah, more of my "fluff" reading) but there was a section where you never used your true name because you were giving power to the person who knew it. But, you didn't just have a name...you were that name. It's one of the reasons I have never objected to people changing their names when they became of age (whatever that age may be). If the name felt like your name, then it should be your name. Of course, if I help pick a name for this child, he or she won't be allowed to change it!! ha I'm kidding of course...it's just the irony of it all!

But back to the searching. The adults in this household don't use their actual birth names. So, what does that say for us? Both of our parents were young parents when we were born. Do you think they searched for our names? Or did they have those names picked out all their lives? Or were they influenced by outside sources? In my case, I would say it was my mom's hope to be everything I could be in a daughter!! *smirking* I like thinking that because it really makes me chuckle! I think I'm going to have to be a wee bit more open-minded in that department!

Well, I have rambled, and it really hasn't led me down any paths of enlightenment. It has, however, led me to notice I haven't had nearly enough coffee today! So, I think I shall wander to the kitchen, brew up a cup, and ponder "What's in a name, anyhow" a little longer!

If anyone has suggestions, feel free to pass them along. All will be given consideration. Maybe some more days with sunshine, a little more coffee, and moments of "a-ha" will lead to something worthwhile!

3:20p 19 April