17 August 2009

Heart in your throat?

So, this past Saturday I attended a symposium here in Columbus. I had a great time, met friends (old and new), and enjoyed great discussion. I am really looking forward to next year's event. However, being "on high alert" for this big event of my life, I did have one small moment when I realized just how highly strung I have gotten over the last few weeks.

I had told every speaker in the classes I attended that I would have my phone on HIGH so I wouldn't miss the possible phone call announcing "This is IT!" My feelings, however, were that it wouldn't be today, so I was going to be ok today. I got up and moving early (checked in at 7 a.m. before leaving to see that everything was ok), turned on my cell phone, left a short note, and headed out. I got registered, met my buds, and went through the first session. It was great...informative and interesting. No phone calls, which I didn't really expect because my assumptions were that everyone was still sleeping.

We then moved on to the second session. It was an interesting session with great discussion. In the middle of discussion, however, my phone buzzed (I had turned it down when I went to the restroom and forgot to put it back on audio). For that 1.4 seconds, all blood drained out of my body, hands, brain, EVERYTHING! My heart, making up for the loss of blood, started this crazy pounding dance! BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM At second 1.5 I let go of my breath, grabbed the phone and looked at the display.............I was ready to have my life changed FOREVER!

Can I tell you that I almost laughed out loud when the text read "We're having a yard sale today. You should come over!" Deciding I didn't need CPR or oxygen, I texted back that I was in a symposium and couldn't make it. Then I went back to engaging in the discussion knowing that I probably should go to the restroom again after session to throw a little cold water on my face and maybe get a coffee (my "nicotine" fix for everything!) to settle my nerves.

PHEW.....can I tell you, I'm not really sure what I will do when the true "ring" comes in! I guess I should be glad we are past the pager stage in life. Chances are, if I carried a pager that only one person knew the number to, I am pretty sure my first reaction would be passing out, instead of checking to see if it was a false alarm or the wrong number....or the real thing!!