11 December 2009

Reflections on the first day

Well....I would like to say it was a happy blissful blur, but that just ain't so....I remember almost every minute of the whole day: from waking up in labor sometime around midnight (I actually woke up around 2am) to waking the kids up at 3am, to driving to the hospital at 330a, to being admitted at 4a, to taking the boy to the cafeteria around 7a, to moving from the shower to the bed, to sending for the kids, to watching the doctor run in (almost too late) along with the kids, to watching the water bag emerge, to watching the baby being born, to hearing her first cries, to watching the kids jumping up and down because she was a girl, to watching the boy cut the chord, to watching the doctor and mom cry, to telling the sister and grandma, to texting the whole world twice over about the baby, to ordering food for everyone, especially mom, to making plans to transport to recovery, to getting our new tiny room, to having every medical personnel introduce themselves, to having multiple family stop by, to finally falling asleep, exhausted in the chair, by the bed that I couldn't even figure out how to unfold.........

Yeah, those kind of memories ROCK!