02 November 2010

14 Months

Well, today is 14 months.
To date:

  • 8 teeth
  • 3 molars coming in
  • Walking primarily on her own
  • Still needs helps getting up when she falls from walking on her own
  • "Momma, Bubba, Ryera" are common...every once in a bit we get "Pahpeeee"
  • Signing (frequently) "water," "finished," and "eat"
  • Agreement often comes in the form of vigorous head nodding, body nodding, or happy grunting
  • Often shakes her head "no" when she is doing something she has been told not to do
  • Loves being outside (more than anything else)
  • Blows occasional kisses
  • Will give kisses when they are beneficial to her
  • Loves strawberries, avacados, and green beans
  • Will only eat with a silver spoon and not the baby spoons
  • Enjoys a good dinner of mashed potatoes
  • Likes to drink out of a cup with PapiD
  • Can do amazing things with the phone, cell phones, and other electronics
  • Laughs and talks continually

I think that sums it up for now. I'm sure there will be more in a week!