03 November 2011

Coffee with Suzie

Yesterday, Teacher Suzie came to visit. She wasn't there to see the parents...she was there to visit with the toddler. So, before I left for work, I sat the lil one on my lap and said "Miss Suzie is coming to visit today. I think you should make her some coffee when she visits."

The power of coffee...
Of course, anything with "shoshie" is an immediate hit, so when I combined it with "mish shushie", well, we were destined for success. With a gleam in her eye and a grin on her face, we talked a bit more about how much Miss Suzie would love some coffee and maybe even some "food" from the play kitchen area. This idea seemed to be a winner, so I gave her a hug and kiss and headed out the door.

Later in the afternoon.....
I called later in the afternoon to hear how the visit with Teacher Suzie went. I thought I was going to bust at the seams with pride when the response was, "Well, the minute Miss Suzie walked in the door, the lil one ran to her coffee pot, poured a cup of java, and greeted Miss Suzie with 'shoshie'!"

SWEEEET!!! That was some of the best news I had received in a long time. And it made me grin like some silly ole Papi! My lil girl, fixing coffee for her teacher! 'Atta girl, sweetpea! LOVE IT!