03 August 2019

I Wish You Were Here: Life Before 10

Gma Bernie and Ivy reading before bed
Hi, Mom. This morning I woke up really missing you and wanting to talk to you. I can't believe it had been 4 years since we were able to talk face-to-face. You wouldn't believe the changes that have occurred in that 4 years! There are some things you would laugh at, some things you would cry over, some things would earn your  *not eye eye-roll,* and some things would just make you smile. The summer heat would not be on your list of complaints although the rest of us are melting! Instead of going through it in my head, let me share!

31 July 2018

I Wish You Were Here: GIrl Scout Camps and Camping

This summer has been full of new adventures. One of them was attending Girl Scout camp. Oh the skills you can learn when at first you master the pizza making over an open flame! The world holds no boundaries!

01 January 2018

'Tis the New Year, All!

It's that time of year again. Our household has been a great example of slug bugs. The temps dropped below 25 degrees F and we decided that other than taking out the trash and recycling, we were not leaving the house. There might even be rumors of some people here in the same jammies for multiple days in a row. However, that's all good because it is the holidays season!

As we head into the New Year, I encourage you to review the year past. Laugh at the hilarious memories, cry and honor the painful ones, and embrace each day you grew from experience. Then, after you have reviewed 2017, make some plans for 2018. Plan on seeing more of your neighborhood, perhaps through walks on the weekends. Plan on visiting neighbors you haven't seen since the weather turned cold. Plan on attending some local events at a library, local mom and pop shop, rec center, or all of the above. Plan on going to a craft fair or art show. Plan on going to that one place you have always said you would go....and take a friend!

Make 2018 a year of doing! You can do this.....you got it!