22 April 2009

Mars Mud and Friendship

I have found the secret to befriending a shy 5 year old....Mars Mud! Who knew? I didn't...it was a long shot, but it paid off!

Date: End of 2003 (Decemberish)
So...here was this little fellow hiding behind him mama, staring at me, I'm sure not knowing if I was friend or foe, boy or girl. He had the biggest eyes and they stared at me. So I did the normal..."hey"....great opening line eh? Yeah, I'm good like that.

An hour later, and we were still at the same place...him staring, me still kinda not sure what to do or say. Then I noticed it...a small container of Mars Mud. It's like slime, only brown like mud. It was in a little cylinder container complete with lid. So, I picked it up and opened the container. Those eyes were still looking at me. I pushed my finger down in it to see if it was still soft and mushy. Yeah...it was. Excellent!

I pushed down again. It made the small kinda-farting sound. And the eyes grew wider. Oh...did I have interest? Hmmmmm

I pushed my finger down in the mud and it made a louder farting sound. And the eyes (and body) moved about a fraction of an inch closer. It seemed that every time I made the Mars Mud "fart," the eyes (and body) moved another inch closer. In an hour the eyes might even be close enough to look into. :)

Then I stopped. And the eyes looked up at me. I looked back. "Make that noise." Wow! They eyes spoke. I grinned and made the Mars Mud "fart" again. And the eyes smiled and scooted the rest of the way across the couch. "Can I try?" I handed the precious can of Mars Mud over to the eyes.

The eyes made the Mud "fart" and then giggled. And repeated. And repeated again. The eyes handed over the Mud to me. I made the Mud "fart" and handed it back. The eyes made it "fart" and handed it back. And suddenly the eyes were resting their elbows on my thigh, laughing with each farting noise, and smiling! Then, when I thought the eyes had said everything it could, they looked up at me. "I like you."

WOOOHOOOOO....................they eyes liked me! They really really liked me! And well, that was a great thing, because everyone knows that they way through a mama's heart is through her little ones eyes....and these eyes liked me! And something cool.....I liked the eyes too....they were really beautiful eyes!