14 April 2009

Things I should have known (had I thought about it)...but never really thought about before...

  • Morning sickness is completely mislabeled...it can occur any time of the day (although, yes, it is especially annoying to have it hit first thing in the morning), it isn't on a time limit, it doesn't happen only once a day, and although it may be confirming/reminding you there is a baby being "created," it does NOT rank up in the top five lovely aspects of having a baby.
  • Fetuses (Fetusi?) do not start out life with eyelids! In the words of an intelligent young dude, "They would so be able to win a staring contest right now!" Creepy....yet cool.
  • Bathroom breaks...they aren't for the feint of heart. The trick is on you when you feel every 10-15 minutes like you have to pee but really, there is nothing there. Well, nothing other than a that orange-sized baby sitting, squishing, and other-ways completely smooshing your bladder. That has GOT to suck!
  • A fetus can hiccup but it can't fart. (OK, I would have never thought about this one!)