24 June 2009

Father's Day 2009

Well...I can now say something I wasn't sure I would ever be able to say. I had a GREAT Father's Day dinner!

Yep...you heard me right. I was taken out by the (soon-to-be) big brother for Father's Day. We hit the local steak house, had a lesson on money estimation, learned about tips and service, talked about how great a good steak tastes, and shared a rather "guy" evening! There was even baseball on the big screen!

What more can I say? It was GREAT! I saw how big his heart is, how much he is trying to find his place in this world (and even MY place in his world), how happy he is to sometimes be the man in charge, and how cool he still is to hang with!! Probably even more cool now that he's older! It was a totally and completely SWEET evening. It has even helped even out the fact that my phone died that evening. After all, what's a phone compared to dinner out?!

Thanks, lil dude, for such a great evening out! I'm looking forward to many more such evenings!