12 December 2010

Minah Bird

Ahhhh, we have entered the "repeater" stage....whether a sound, a word, or an action. It's adorable, of course!! And....I think she said "Papi" this afternoon. It's hard to tell if it was Papi or puppy! ;)

05 December 2010

Solstice Tree Meltdown

So.........what does it take to have a meltdown for December? Apparently completely changing the living room to make room for the Solstice tree!! :) Now, we'll see how long until the first layer of decorations are pulled off the tree!!!

21 November 2010

Nose picker

So, is it really wrong to laugh when the baby insists on picking her nose? :) I mean, it's adorable when she blows her own nose with a tissue (and we get her nose blown!) However, the latest is looking at you then sticking her right finger up her nostril. I laugh....and of course she does it again! I guess that's positive reinforcement....

Shame on Papi! *smirking*

15 November 2010

Chompers update

Well, officially we have 8 teeth and 4 almost 5 molars! YIKES is it hard work to get those pearly whites in! I do NOT envy that process at all!

But, it will certainly be helpful for some of the more enjoyable foods! YAY for teeth!

02 November 2010

14 Months

Well, today is 14 months.
To date:

  • 8 teeth
  • 3 molars coming in
  • Walking primarily on her own
  • Still needs helps getting up when she falls from walking on her own
  • "Momma, Bubba, Ryera" are common...every once in a bit we get "Pahpeeee"
  • Signing (frequently) "water," "finished," and "eat"
  • Agreement often comes in the form of vigorous head nodding, body nodding, or happy grunting
  • Often shakes her head "no" when she is doing something she has been told not to do
  • Loves being outside (more than anything else)
  • Blows occasional kisses
  • Will give kisses when they are beneficial to her
  • Loves strawberries, avacados, and green beans
  • Will only eat with a silver spoon and not the baby spoons
  • Enjoys a good dinner of mashed potatoes
  • Likes to drink out of a cup with PapiD
  • Can do amazing things with the phone, cell phones, and other electronics
  • Laughs and talks continually

I think that sums it up for now. I'm sure there will be more in a week!

24 September 2010

Steps, steps, steps

So, what do marathon runners and 1 year-olds have in common? They both can go and go and go for miles!!

Lately we have been spending enormous amounts of time walking around (literally) in circles holding onto the little one's hand! She wants to go and go and go but isn't able to do it by herself yet! She also has discovered that it's really fun to walk up steps! She goes up and up and up and up! Of course, she gets help going down because, well, it seems too dangerous to allow her to do it by herself.

Anyhow, that's the latest update. I'm off to do my walking shift!

12 September 2010

3am upset stomach

Wow...it's really hard to tell what is wrong with a baby when they are so obviously hurting. Is it their head? Is it their stomach? Sinuses? Teething? Aches and pains? How can you tell?

At 3am the baby woke up screaming. Momma took her downstairs since I had to be up in a few hours. At 430 however, I couldn't stand not being a part of whatever was hurting the little one. She was smiling occasionally but crying more often than not. About 445 she started drifting off again on Momma. I was drifting a little myself. Then suddenly this loud (because everything is loud at 445) noise startled me and I hear her cry and Momma reassure and I walk over to them in time to see the little one continue her bout of spewing. And spewing. All over Momm'a shirt, some on the floor, some on her.

And then.....she fell asleep. Almost immediately.

So, I guess it was her stomach that was bothering her. And I can help Momma and baby get some sleep and then I can shower and start my day.


02 September 2010

Let us reflect..................................................

WOW....how time does fly.
This time last year, I had just finished 17 of the longest, most eventful, amazing, and emotional hours of my life. I had warped into overdrive at 4am and only stopped when my body gave out. I had managed to get two siblings, a labouring mom, and myself to the hospital (without breaking any laws, mind you), been the cornerstone for those two siblings for 6+ hours of labour, watched the most miraculous event I have ever seen (and probably will ever see), provided food to all parties concerned (well, except for the baby!), had gotten us all (and all our crap) moved to our new room for the night, and had settled down for a short winter's errrr fall's nap. That day was both the longest and the shortest day of my life.

I kinda feel that way about this past year. I can't believe so much can happen in a year....and I can't believe that year has passed so quickly! We have a trying-to-walk toddler, who is her own person, dictating her own schedule and needs (pretty much like it has been since she was conceived), and well, it's just pretty amazing!!! I feel blessed!! And that's a great way to feel!!!!

29 August 2010

Count Down to #1

The count down is on to the big 0-1 bday. We had a trial run on Saturday, complete with vegan giant cupcake (thanks Pattycake Bakery), and have discovered that strawberries seems to win out over cupcakes! Who knew? Of course, it could have been all the pressure from cousins and siblings to "Eat, eat, eat!" which caused her to fold under pressure and cry. (I did taste the cupcake, and it certainly was not that....it was de-li-cious!) So, suffice it to say (which I should have to put that precursor in this blog), we are going to have a simple celebration on the actual birth date. The biggest event that day will be turning the car seat to face forward and maybe a song or two. Well, I guess we can refrigerate the left-over birthday cupcake and bring it out again. Who knows!?

19 August 2010

Camping a hit....Bday #1 right around the corner.....

Well, we have a happily adjusted camping kid.....she loved it!! She actually loved everything about it: the tent, the air mattress, the tractor (and the tractor drivers), the outdoors, the open showers, the music (ESPECIALLY the music), the watermelon, the rice cakes, the women (YAY women!), the wagon, her new friends, the gaia girls parade, the butch strut, the night stage, the vendor area....................yikes.......I'm sure there is more, but you get the gist. She loved it all! (And it seems most loved her, so it was a win-win situation!)

Now..........Sept 2 is almost here. It's going to be big! A whole year on the "outside!" WOOHOOOOO

01 August 2010


Well, the total tricks able to be performed are three.
1 The Queen's wave
2 Clapping hands (especially when someone says "YAY!")
3 Touchdown sign when someone says "Ta Da!"

I think that's pretty impressive. And when she is tired or done with her current activity, she will do all three! Sort of like the puppy that goes through all his tricks hoping you will reward him! LOL

half a dozen chompers and camping

Well, we got tooth number 6 before we head out for our 8 day camping trip. Good news...we aren't cutting a tooth. Bad news...she can chew through hardback books. Not sure how or why, but I think she needs a piece of wood to knaw on! Maybe even a whole tree! But it bodes her well in the eating department. We are up to apples, peaches, pears, watermelon, avacado (a fav), bananas, teething biscuits, puffs, hummous, and scrambled eggs. Honestly, I think she eats better than I do!

Well, it's off to camping! We shall be off the grid until 10 August. Can't wait! TTFN

15 July 2010

Five Pearly Whites

It's been a bit since posting (ok...more than a bit), but I am happy to report that tooth #5 made its way into the mouth on Tuesday! We have two on bottom and three on top. So, now along with "Don't pull momma's hair" we also have "OW! Baby, no biting. That hurts momma!" Of course when the big brother tried to kiss her on the mouth, and she bit down on his lip, it seemed rude to ask her not to bite (when obviously he wasn't paying attention to her "words!") However, we are now watching those teeth...they bit through a hard book last week! And she has discovered biting on her sleeves!

This could be fun, eh?! :)

16 March 2010

Why sweet potatoes?!?!

Well, after a few "unfruitful" attempts at organic jarred applesauce and bananas, the little one has decided she is an avid fan of....................the sweet potato. Now, in and of itself, this would not be interesting. However, let me tell you a tale about Papi and sweet potatoes. When Papi was a wee one, there was a period of time (a considerable span of time) where the only food I would eat was, the one and only, sweet potato. I was bottle fed (as most of my generation unfortunately were) and when the bottle was no longer enough for me, I turned to the orange potato. Again....and again....and again. So much so that eventually my mom took me to the doctor because I was turning yellow!

Her fear: jaundice.

The diagnosis: too many sweet potatoes

Jump to 2010 and you will find me shaking my head as the little one gobbles (or rather mushes up) bite after bite of the sweet potato! Oh, little one.....if you only knew what I do about that enticing starch!! :)

My mom's words of wisdom: don't give in to her demands!

HA, RIGHT MOM!!! I see how well that worked for YOU!!! lol

19 February 2010

Weight Lifting and Baby

Since little one has surpassed the 20 lb mark, I've decided that obviously, she can now be incorporated into my lifting routine:
  • Bicep curls with a moving baby is great for not only the biceps but the abs (so as not to drop squirming baby)
  • Shoulder presses with baby are a snap unless I get her a little to close to any ceiling lights/fan,
  • Inclining in a chair or laying on the couch is a great time to do chest presses with baby (which, by the way, she is a GREAT fan of!)
  • Squats, which are the bane of my existence, aren't nearly as entertaining to baby, but are essential when obediently reaching down to pick up far-away flung toys
So...now we are spending quality baby/Papi time; baby is happy, Papi is getting buff!! :)

16 January 2010

I be Papi

I'm really starting to "feel" my name......Papi.....I like it. I've moved into the realm of talking about myself in the third person:

"It's okay, hon. Papi's got ya."
"Did you want Papi to change your diaper?"
"You just spewed on Papi's work clothes......nice one!"

Oh well.......it is what it is! :)

14 January 2010

Weigh in

The baby and mama went to the Dr on Monday for the 4 month check up. That's right....4 months! I mean, seriously, can it really have been four months ago that I was "trying" to get ready for this day? Nothing like having a newborn during the busiest months of the year! But....we survived!

Now....back to the weigh-in. We all placed our bets and well....we were a little off. She is officially 17lbs 1.5oz as of 11 Jan 2010. That is almost double her birth weight! And we also found out she's teething. I don't know exactly what all that entails other than on occasion, while she's sitting with me, she'll growl/mumble, grab my hand and start sucking and chewing on various fatty parts (of which there are many choices)! It's kinda funny...a tad bit scary! I think the sucking/chewing is hilarious...it's the growling before she grabs my hand that startles me. Perhaps, she's part vampire, and she's practicing? :)

Either way, evenings and weekends have become more fun, nights have become a little shorter, and overall, everyone seems to have mildly adjusted. I would say it's a good deal!