16 January 2010

I be Papi

I'm really starting to "feel" my name......Papi.....I like it. I've moved into the realm of talking about myself in the third person:

"It's okay, hon. Papi's got ya."
"Did you want Papi to change your diaper?"
"You just spewed on Papi's work clothes......nice one!"

Oh well.......it is what it is! :)

14 January 2010

Weigh in

The baby and mama went to the Dr on Monday for the 4 month check up. That's right....4 months! I mean, seriously, can it really have been four months ago that I was "trying" to get ready for this day? Nothing like having a newborn during the busiest months of the year! But....we survived!

Now....back to the weigh-in. We all placed our bets and well....we were a little off. She is officially 17lbs 1.5oz as of 11 Jan 2010. That is almost double her birth weight! And we also found out she's teething. I don't know exactly what all that entails other than on occasion, while she's sitting with me, she'll growl/mumble, grab my hand and start sucking and chewing on various fatty parts (of which there are many choices)! It's kinda funny...a tad bit scary! I think the sucking/chewing is hilarious...it's the growling before she grabs my hand that startles me. Perhaps, she's part vampire, and she's practicing? :)

Either way, evenings and weekends have become more fun, nights have become a little shorter, and overall, everyone seems to have mildly adjusted. I would say it's a good deal!