19 February 2010

Weight Lifting and Baby

Since little one has surpassed the 20 lb mark, I've decided that obviously, she can now be incorporated into my lifting routine:
  • Bicep curls with a moving baby is great for not only the biceps but the abs (so as not to drop squirming baby)
  • Shoulder presses with baby are a snap unless I get her a little to close to any ceiling lights/fan,
  • Inclining in a chair or laying on the couch is a great time to do chest presses with baby (which, by the way, she is a GREAT fan of!)
  • Squats, which are the bane of my existence, aren't nearly as entertaining to baby, but are essential when obediently reaching down to pick up far-away flung toys
So...now we are spending quality baby/Papi time; baby is happy, Papi is getting buff!! :)