16 March 2010

Why sweet potatoes?!?!

Well, after a few "unfruitful" attempts at organic jarred applesauce and bananas, the little one has decided she is an avid fan of....................the sweet potato. Now, in and of itself, this would not be interesting. However, let me tell you a tale about Papi and sweet potatoes. When Papi was a wee one, there was a period of time (a considerable span of time) where the only food I would eat was, the one and only, sweet potato. I was bottle fed (as most of my generation unfortunately were) and when the bottle was no longer enough for me, I turned to the orange potato. Again....and again....and again. So much so that eventually my mom took me to the doctor because I was turning yellow!

Her fear: jaundice.

The diagnosis: too many sweet potatoes

Jump to 2010 and you will find me shaking my head as the little one gobbles (or rather mushes up) bite after bite of the sweet potato! Oh, little one.....if you only knew what I do about that enticing starch!! :)

My mom's words of wisdom: don't give in to her demands!

HA, RIGHT MOM!!! I see how well that worked for YOU!!! lol