29 August 2010

Count Down to #1

The count down is on to the big 0-1 bday. We had a trial run on Saturday, complete with vegan giant cupcake (thanks Pattycake Bakery), and have discovered that strawberries seems to win out over cupcakes! Who knew? Of course, it could have been all the pressure from cousins and siblings to "Eat, eat, eat!" which caused her to fold under pressure and cry. (I did taste the cupcake, and it certainly was not that....it was de-li-cious!) So, suffice it to say (which I should have to put that precursor in this blog), we are going to have a simple celebration on the actual birth date. The biggest event that day will be turning the car seat to face forward and maybe a song or two. Well, I guess we can refrigerate the left-over birthday cupcake and bring it out again. Who knows!?

19 August 2010

Camping a hit....Bday #1 right around the corner.....

Well, we have a happily adjusted camping kid.....she loved it!! She actually loved everything about it: the tent, the air mattress, the tractor (and the tractor drivers), the outdoors, the open showers, the music (ESPECIALLY the music), the watermelon, the rice cakes, the women (YAY women!), the wagon, her new friends, the gaia girls parade, the butch strut, the night stage, the vendor area....................yikes.......I'm sure there is more, but you get the gist. She loved it all! (And it seems most loved her, so it was a win-win situation!)

Now..........Sept 2 is almost here. It's going to be big! A whole year on the "outside!" WOOHOOOOO

01 August 2010


Well, the total tricks able to be performed are three.
1 The Queen's wave
2 Clapping hands (especially when someone says "YAY!")
3 Touchdown sign when someone says "Ta Da!"

I think that's pretty impressive. And when she is tired or done with her current activity, she will do all three! Sort of like the puppy that goes through all his tricks hoping you will reward him! LOL

half a dozen chompers and camping

Well, we got tooth number 6 before we head out for our 8 day camping trip. Good news...we aren't cutting a tooth. Bad news...she can chew through hardback books. Not sure how or why, but I think she needs a piece of wood to knaw on! Maybe even a whole tree! But it bodes her well in the eating department. We are up to apples, peaches, pears, watermelon, avacado (a fav), bananas, teething biscuits, puffs, hummous, and scrambled eggs. Honestly, I think she eats better than I do!

Well, it's off to camping! We shall be off the grid until 10 August. Can't wait! TTFN