29 August 2010

Count Down to #1

The count down is on to the big 0-1 bday. We had a trial run on Saturday, complete with vegan giant cupcake (thanks Pattycake Bakery), and have discovered that strawberries seems to win out over cupcakes! Who knew? Of course, it could have been all the pressure from cousins and siblings to "Eat, eat, eat!" which caused her to fold under pressure and cry. (I did taste the cupcake, and it certainly was not that....it was de-li-cious!) So, suffice it to say (which I should have to put that precursor in this blog), we are going to have a simple celebration on the actual birth date. The biggest event that day will be turning the car seat to face forward and maybe a song or two. Well, I guess we can refrigerate the left-over birthday cupcake and bring it out again. Who knows!?