12 September 2010

3am upset stomach

Wow...it's really hard to tell what is wrong with a baby when they are so obviously hurting. Is it their head? Is it their stomach? Sinuses? Teething? Aches and pains? How can you tell?

At 3am the baby woke up screaming. Momma took her downstairs since I had to be up in a few hours. At 430 however, I couldn't stand not being a part of whatever was hurting the little one. She was smiling occasionally but crying more often than not. About 445 she started drifting off again on Momma. I was drifting a little myself. Then suddenly this loud (because everything is loud at 445) noise startled me and I hear her cry and Momma reassure and I walk over to them in time to see the little one continue her bout of spewing. And spewing. All over Momm'a shirt, some on the floor, some on her.

And then.....she fell asleep. Almost immediately.

So, I guess it was her stomach that was bothering her. And I can help Momma and baby get some sleep and then I can shower and start my day.