21 November 2010

Nose picker

So, is it really wrong to laugh when the baby insists on picking her nose? :) I mean, it's adorable when she blows her own nose with a tissue (and we get her nose blown!) However, the latest is looking at you then sticking her right finger up her nostril. I laugh....and of course she does it again! I guess that's positive reinforcement....

Shame on Papi! *smirking*

15 November 2010

Chompers update

Well, officially we have 8 teeth and 4 almost 5 molars! YIKES is it hard work to get those pearly whites in! I do NOT envy that process at all!

But, it will certainly be helpful for some of the more enjoyable foods! YAY for teeth!

02 November 2010

14 Months

Well, today is 14 months.
To date:

  • 8 teeth
  • 3 molars coming in
  • Walking primarily on her own
  • Still needs helps getting up when she falls from walking on her own
  • "Momma, Bubba, Ryera" are common...every once in a bit we get "Pahpeeee"
  • Signing (frequently) "water," "finished," and "eat"
  • Agreement often comes in the form of vigorous head nodding, body nodding, or happy grunting
  • Often shakes her head "no" when she is doing something she has been told not to do
  • Loves being outside (more than anything else)
  • Blows occasional kisses
  • Will give kisses when they are beneficial to her
  • Loves strawberries, avacados, and green beans
  • Will only eat with a silver spoon and not the baby spoons
  • Enjoys a good dinner of mashed potatoes
  • Likes to drink out of a cup with PapiD
  • Can do amazing things with the phone, cell phones, and other electronics
  • Laughs and talks continually

I think that sums it up for now. I'm sure there will be more in a week!