15 December 2011

Eat Like a Dinosaur

Gluten-free....is it fad or is it "for real? Personally, I haven't explored enough to draw a conclusion one way or the other. What I do know is that somehow we, as a nation and as families, have come to rely too heavily on fast foods, processed foods, and over-all unhealthy foods. Maybe it's time for a change. Although, it's one thing to decide individually to change your eating habits. how can you convince your kids to make some of those same healthy changes?

03 November 2011

Coffee with Suzie

Yesterday, Teacher Suzie came to visit. She wasn't there to see the parents...she was there to visit with the toddler. So, before I left for work, I sat the lil one on my lap and said "Miss Suzie is coming to visit today. I think you should make her some coffee when she visits."

15 August 2011

Three Things My Toddler Taught Me at Fest

At the time of Fest this year, we were bracing for a whole new world. She was mobile, and (somewhat) talking, and developing many of her own ideas on how life should be lived and how it should treat her. Little did I know how much she was going to show Papi!

08 June 2011

The Hat Routine

Although I am Papi to one under 2 toddler, I also have two more step-children living in the house with me. When I met them, they were ages 5 and 11, well beyond the toddler years and set in beginning routines. Fast forward 8 years and we add a baby to the mix. We are now a family of five and it is chaos. It's a whole different ballgame. Little did I know then exactly how much kids, teens, and adults need routine in their lives.

24 April 2011

Shopping with the Grandparents

Well, yesterday was quite the experience. After spending years where my parents struggled to acknowledge my family, we have moved in a slightly different (but typical) way past that. As a family we had decided to go to the Newport Aquarium, and then to IKEA, and then finally to Jungle Jim's. Yeah.....three big events in one day, sandwiched in between a two or more hour drive to Cincinnati and a two or more hour drive back from Cincinnati. I know what you're thinking....."Dude....are you INSANE?!" Today, I would have to say only slightly insane. We all are feeling today a little like one might feel the day after an all day visit to Kings Island or Cedar Point....dehydrated, tired, sore, and really wanting one more day for the weekend! However, the "show much go on," and I am spending my blog post as a bit of "family therapy" time! This post will read more like a journal entry, with really no great tidbits of wisdom or advice, but I feel I need to record it so some day I can look back and maybe even laugh a bit.

03 March 2011


I look back at this pic and think, "WOW! It's been over a year!"

I love that she brings that smile to my face each and every day!
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01 January 2011

Happy New Year

Well, it's 2011!! Happy New Year, world!!

Thought I would give a few year recap of how different our new years have been.