15 December 2011

Eat Like a Dinosaur

Gluten-free....is it fad or is it "for real? Personally, I haven't explored enough to draw a conclusion one way or the other. What I do know is that somehow we, as a nation and as families, have come to rely too heavily on fast foods, processed foods, and over-all unhealthy foods. Maybe it's time for a change. Although, it's one thing to decide individually to change your eating habits. how can you convince your kids to make some of those same healthy changes?
Eat Like a Dinosaur is a gluten-free kid-friendly recipe book by Matt and Stacy of  Paleo Parents. From their website:
Whether your family eats a standard diet, is gluten-free casein-free (gfcf), follows the principals of the Weston A Price Foundation (WAPF) or is, like us, Paleo or Primal, this book will help you cook healthful and tasty foods, together. With over 100 recipes, projects and lunch box ideas for families to make together and an illustrated children's story, this recipe and guidebook for children will help you put healthy food your kids will be excited to try on the table and in their lunchboxes.

I am going to try it for myself and my family. Here is the link to pre-order it: Eat Like a Dinosaur. Let me know what you think about the book. While your there, check out the Paleo Parent website. It has a ton of good information (and recipes...my favorite!) With the new year around the corner, evaluating habits of all kind is a positive effort. Perhaps you might even begin to join the eating healthy revolution!

Challenge yourself to look honestly at your eating habits for one week. What is one eating habit you might be able to change to make yourself a better person?