26 June 2012

Three Lessons My Toddler Showed Me Today

Reposted from April 2011, a little more than one year later!
I'm not sure what it was precisely that helped with this revelation, but it dawned on me today that I am the Papi of a toddler. And even more scary than that...I am the Papi of a soon to be two year old toddler!!

Once I got through that realization, I started thinking about what I have learned over the last 19 months. Here are the three lessons I need to take to heart...all courtesy of my toddler.

08 June 2012

Three Things My Toddler Taught Me While Swinging on the Porch Swing

One morning this week, I had the ultimate pleasure to spend an hour pushing my toddler in her porch swing. The sun was shining, I had my coffee, she had her "tea and ice." It was pretty all-around great. As we spent that hour together, I realized three very important life lessons, thanks to my toddler.