08 June 2012

Three Things My Toddler Taught Me While Swinging on the Porch Swing

One morning this week, I had the ultimate pleasure to spend an hour pushing my toddler in her porch swing. The sun was shining, I had my coffee, she had her "tea and ice." It was pretty all-around great. As we spent that hour together, I realized three very important life lessons, thanks to my toddler.
Be in the moment
No one really understands "the moment" more than a child. Life is all about what is happening right now. They aren't bothered by layoffs, or upcoming appointments, or tomorrow's presentation, or even tonight's ridiculous deadline. It's all about what they are doing right now...and who it is they are doing it with. For an hour, I had two requests placed upon me by the lil one. One was "push high and fast" and the other was "my tea and ice, please." Nothing was more important to her, and to me, than to just keep swinging.

Along with being in the moment, the lil one showed me how to relax. She placed her hands behind her head, closed her eyes, and just enjoyed- the motion of the swing, the chirping of the birds, the soft caress of the breeze, the warmth of the sun...everything was perfect for just relaxing. We even sang a few made up songs together...all while we relaxed and kept swinging.

Smile...a lot
One thing I noticed while we were swinging is how much my little bit smiles. She has the smile that makes her eyes sparkle, she has the smile that shows me she hears me but is choosing to ignore me, she has a smile she shared while sitting with her eyes closed and swinging, and most special to me- she has the smile she gives me as she says "I so love you." Those words...that smile...well, everything else becomes secondary. Her smile is contagious...and I go too often without smiling. It felt nice to have a sincere, happy smile while we were swinging.

Seems so easy...and so hard. I think being in the moment, relaxing, and smiling are very intertwined with each other. They stem from each other and they are dependent on each other. And boy, do they make the day a great deal better!!
Try it for a day...smile, relax, and be in the moment. I think you'll like the results!