11 November 2012

Three Things my Toddler Taught Me About Coffee


Coffee is one of my staple foods. I love it in the morning almost as soon as I roll out of bed, I usually need it in the afternoon as the 2 o'clock slump hits, and sometimes I brew a cup of decaf in the evening to have while working on homework, watching Bones, or just hanging with the family. 

In our house coffee is synonymous with Papi and since I am the only one who drinks it, I get to brew the kind I like and to the strength I like. In our house we have a three year old toddler, and as you might know, mimicking those around you is their favorite past time. So, often morning, noon, or night, my youngest "brews" up a cuppa for me. It brings me as much joy as an actual cup o' Joe. Here are the lessons I have learned from the simple act of brewing toddler coffee.