09 September 2013

First day of Preschool 2013-2014

This morning was the first day of school for the 2013-2014 school year. Class was only an hour long and we probably spent 3 days convincing and reminding her that today was a short day. (Actually, she reminded me last night!) However, an hour was long enough to find exactly what she needed!

01 September 2013

Adieu, Year Three

Tomorrow is the day...we reach year 4 on Labor Day. Each year is a year of huge growth, and exploration, and discovery. However, I think this year has been the the biggest challenging year to date...

16 June 2013

The days in between Mother's Day and Father's Day

Becoming a parent, for the first time, the third time, the tenth time...it does something to you...physically, spiritually, and mentally. Your life is never the same, before, during, or after that child comes into your life! For the latest addition to our household, I spent quality time thinking about what I wanted to be called. "Mom" didn't fit my nature. "Dad" didn't fit my born-gender. I needed something that fit me. I decided on "Papi," having heard a few other "in-between" parents using that term. It took about a year (once the youngest could talk) that I went from Papi (pop-ee) to Papi (pop-eye). I was good with it...I had my own "name!" May 2010, however, presented a bigger issue than what I would be called...

01 March 2013

In the moment

I love how small children can innocently remind us to "live in the moment."