01 September 2013

Adieu, Year Three

Tomorrow is the day...we reach year 4 on Labor Day. Each year is a year of huge growth, and exploration, and discovery. However, I think this year has been the the biggest challenging year to date...
More and more each day I feel every minute of every hour is a learning experience...for me and the "princess." As we prepare for our Year 4 Bday celebration, I took come time to reflect about the changes this year.


To this day, I am so completely in awe of how we learn to speak. I know the technicalities, and I understand the process of "learning." What I still find amazing is how we start communicating with crying and eventually learn to form complete sentences to express wants, needs, desires, fears, excitements, and so on. I watched some videos from Year Three and am amazed at the growth in vocabulary and the ability to converse verbally. In our household, we still have times when there are communications breaks, but we work through them. The fact that I stare into the sweetest blue eyes ever as I listen to her words helps a great deal!

Physical Growth

Yeah, it seems when you feed them, they continue to grow. Apparently when you add in drinking lots of water, playing outside a lot, and sleeping 8+ hours a night, well, they grow exponentially. In three months, my lil monster grew 1.5". She is solid muscle which you notice when she jumps on your or falls asleep in the van and has to be carried upstairs! She has outgrown most of her shoes, many of her shirts and shorts, and a good part of her jackets. This has been our opportunity to stress the importance of "passing along" items that no longer fit to other little girls. However, getting a new pair of Kitty Hello boots is well worth it!

"Why?" "What is...?"

So, yeah, I knew it was coming. The years of "Why?" She hasn't totally grabbed onto that one question, but I am noticing she grasps conversation a great deal and often asks for clarification on words she doesn't understand. "What is a trap line?" she asks while we're watching Mountain Men. Yeah, that one made me chuckle. She's also keeping me honest. If I don't want her to ask me what I mean, then I probably shouldn't say it. Once she thinks you don't want her to know something, well, true to form, she won't let it go!

Total and Undeniable Infatuation

OK, this last one is more how I view her. Every day I look at her and realize what I miracle I have been blessed with. And then I realize how much more complete my life has become with her as a part of it. I laugh when I used to only smile. I dance when I used to only sway. I hug when I used to only shake hands. I listen when I used to only hear. Yeah, she has packed quite a punch in my every day....and I wouldn't change a second of it...although spending tomorrow morning at the American Girl Doll Store might be my hardest obstacle yet!

Night before bday...patiently waiting for big gift