27 August 2015

I Wish You Were Here: First Day of Kindergarten

Dear Mom,
I wish you were here to see her first day of Kindergarten. You would have been such a proud Grandma!

26 August 2015

"Until we meet again, Mom!"

On the morning of 3 August, driving from Grand Rapid to Cincinnati, I got the call. "I am so sorry, sweetie. At about 10 this morning, your mother passed from this life." Although it was not completely unexpected, it certainly took my breath away.

And I cried. For the first time in almost two years, I cried because finally my mom was done with her brave fight. Finally, she was out of this physical body that had failed her so miserably. Finally, she was able to leave that hospital bed, all those machines and tubes, the lovely and caring nurses and doctors, the chill of the recycled air, and the smell of illness and fear and death. Finally, she wouldn't have to start each morning willing herself into getting out of bed and facing another day. Finally...