27 August 2015

I Wish You Were Here: First Day of Kindergarten

Dear Mom,
I wish you were here to see her first day of Kindergarten. You would have been such a proud Grandma!
We had been counting down the days until her first day of Kindergarten. "Yes, I know it isn't fair your brother starts before you" "Yes, I know it isn't fair you only have one day and then three days off." "Yes, I know it isn't fair that we asked you to stand on the porch with your new Totoro dress, new Totoro backpack, and a sign with 'First Day of Kindergarten 2015'." I hope we survive this first day!

She is so ready for school, Mom. That little girl who dressed up every chance she could get is ready to try on all the opportunities available. She tells me about her teacher, and her classroom, and the art center, and rug time, and her "buddy for the day," and recess, and lunch time, and recess (they have two, you know?!), and making cards, and singing songs, and learning numbers, and saying the alphabet, and the classroom frog (yeah, I wasn't sure about that one, either!), and the bells that ring before class, and the noise in the classroom, and the other kids in the school, and .....well, I think you get the picture.

Mom, that little girl who listened so seriously to your bedtime reading, is ready to learn to read on her own. "I can read now, Papi." "Can you?" "Yes, but only the book I am reading at school." Big grin. It won't be long. She asks about words, and about letters, and about sounds, and about books, and about the author, and about the pictures, and about rhyming, and....well, I think you get the picture.

That little girl who performed for us in your living room, Mom, is ready to stretch her wings and fly. Since they haven't had Family Work yet in this first week, she has assigned herself some work. It involves making letters and coloring. With a large orange ball she demonstrated her "idea" of what they should do in gym class which included rolling on the ball, balancing on the ball, and even stretching on the ball. She is a little salty about the 'no toys at school' rule but she says she will just show her teacher what she means with a school ball. She has music class, and gym class, and math class, and art class, and reading class, and SuperHero class, and ...well, I think you get the picture.

You won't believe it Mom. Our little girl is growing up right before my eyes.  In case I never told you, thank you for laying the groundwork some 40 years ago, when you sent me off to my first day of Kindergarten. I guess all little girls have to grow up at some time. I just wish you were here to see her first day of Kindergarten.