02 September 2015

I Wish You Were Here: Sixth Birthday

Dear, Mom,
Guess who is now a proud six years old?! Yep....the one and only! I can't believe she has really been a part of my world already for that many years.
It seems only yesterday we were talking to the other two kids about their sibling-to-come. Weren't we just taking a trip to Disney last night with a wide-eyed baby who loved the lights and stuffed animals, who slept through every firework display, and who discovered her love of swimming?

I know it was just earlier today I watched her take her first steps or heard her say her first words or watched her face as she tasted her first foods.

Wasn't it just a minute ago that we took her to her first day of preschool in the 2s class where she played and negotiated and laughed and then played some more?

I'm sure it was just.......well, I guess it is now that she has turned six. I really wish you were here. I think you would enjoy having dinner with us at her favorite "Company Noodles." I know you would really love spending the day with us at Young's Dairy, watching her overcome her fear of heights and tackle the huge slide. You could easily show us a trick or two at miniature golf! They have THE best vanilla ice cream. You two could share a huge bowl of it and talk about how awesome vanilla ice cream is. Dinner at Ha Ha's would be the coolest pizza experience even if we were exhausted and ready for a long nap!

I know you would be so proud of her, mom. Each day she makes my world a little more complete. I watch her eyes light up at every new and novel idea. I listen to her belly laughs at the silliest and most hilarious actions. Her fashion taste makes me envious and I am tempted to have her be my consultant. School has become her latest obsession as she discovers the joy of learning in a classroom with her peers. I try not to break down crying when she can't find the words to express her thoughts as to why it is you are no longer here with us on this plane.

I can hardly believe my little baby girl is six. For six years, Mom, I have been parent, teacher, and Papi to this blessing in my life. I want to thank you for being such a great example of a parent so I can help provide a safe and loving environment for my six year old. Now, I'm going to go have some snuggle time with my little birthday girl.