03 August 2019

I Wish You Were Here: Life Before 10

Gma Bernie and Ivy reading before bed
Hi, Mom. This morning I woke up really missing you and wanting to talk to you. I can't believe it had been 4 years since we were able to talk face-to-face. You wouldn't believe the changes that have occurred in that 4 years! There are some things you would laugh at, some things you would cry over, some things would earn your  *not eye eye-roll,* and some things would just make you smile. The summer heat would not be on your list of complaints although the rest of us are melting! Instead of going through it in my head, let me share!

Can you believe it?? The muchkin is 9 going on..... well, something older than 9. She is so amazing, and honestly, it is not just because I am biased.

Ivy at the new Dublin Library

She still has her love of reading, which you helped shape. Her reading topics are varied. She has taken to reading like a fish to water, even being inducted into the Gifted Class for reading next year!

Ivy enjoying the Worthington Pool during the winter

Speaking of water, you would probably shudder knowing she absolutely loves water and swimming. I know....I don't get it either. But I am proud of her for not allowing our fear of water to keep her from what she declares is her favorite thing in the whole world!

Ivy bridging from Brownie

Oh........and for her Girl Scout bridging she jumped right on the zip line at the park and did it! I was terrified and I didn't have to get on it. She didn't even give her fear a chance to manifest! She said it was grrrrrrreat! She even did it more than once after the ceremony. I hope she keeps that "go get em" attitude for all of the future activities in her life!

My 2019 Papi's Day card

Although I am sure you would not express the joy I did at receiving this card, I wanted you to see the creativity this munchkin has! Oh....and her humor. She loves jokes but not so much my "dad jokes and puns." I'll keep working on her, though. I love to hear her laughter! (And honestly...how amazing is this card? I mean.....that is true true love!)

Ivy raising money for KYC

I took her to an event at Kaleidoscope Youth Center. in June It was their unicorn themed Pride event. Oh course she had to go! We had a blast. She even commented when I was getting dressed that I didn't need to wear my binder because I had told her KYC was a place where all could be themselves! (She was listening...wow!) That following week she and her friend had a lemonade and cookie sale. In addition to the money they raised for the stand, they were able to raise $15.....for KYC. I can't tell you how that simple gesture seems to state everything about her that I completely love!

Ivy taking in new information

There are so many times I wish I could share a picture or ten with you. To laugh with you about something that occurred I want to tell you how much my heart seems to explode day after day with my love for her. I remember talking to you about how scared I was to be responsible for the life of another human being. I can't say that fear is any less, but the amazing joy that comes each day and each hour keeps that fear at bay.

Instead of being able to tell you in person, I comfort myself with knowing you see and hear all of these things. You will forever be a part of her and of me.

As I struggle today with 4 years of you not being physically with us, I want to celebrate the time we were able to share with you in this life. I miss you tremendously, and probably always will, but I am comforted knowing you're never really that far away. As we head to birthday #10, know I miss you and really wish you were here to celebrate with us. I love you, Mom.